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You are in business because you have a passion for what you do. When it comes time to pick a company who represents your brand, you want someone professional who takes as much pride in their business as you take in yours – Someone who has the passion and will take the time to do it right. You wouldn’t go into court without professional legal representation. You shouldn’t spend your money on advertising without a professional to look after your interest either.

Creative Advertising is our business! We provide award winning creative and production services to attract more people to your business. We can also help you choose where and how to get your ad in front of your perspective customers with out consultation services. We can show you where and when to play your ads and even help you negotiate a better rate. Let MoogMedia show you how to boost your advertising dollar and increase your return.

Without good, solid advertising decisions, something terrible happens… Nothing.

cookie-cutterWe don’t use Cookie Cutters!

Your business is unlike anyone elses. It is yours. While you might have a similar business to your competitor, you certainly don’t need your advertising to look like his. Your advertising should be as unique as you are. Your ads should be interesting and attractive to new buyers. MoogMedia will help you tell those new customers why they should buy from you. Let us introduce you to all of those potential customers through your advertising who might otherwise never know about you.



Having the best commercial in the world won’t help you if you are not placed correctly. Think of it like a Lemonade Stand… You might have the best lemonade in town, but if your stand is in the woods and out of view, you probably won’t sell as much as the guy who has his stand up by the street. MoogMedia gets you to the street at the best possible intersection.

If you own a business, no doubt you have received a visit from a radio sales rep who tells you about all of the reasons you should advertise on her station. She tells you about Free Production, Average Quarter Hour listeners, Demographics, Market Research,  Rates and more – and it all sounds pretty impressive, but if YOUR customers are not listening to her station, then buying air time on that station is a complete waste.

Knowing how to place your ads takes an understanding of your business and the people you need to reach. We consider what time of the day they will be listening, what radio station they are likely to listen to and what the finished product needs to sound like in order to captivate them.

Radio sales reps are only interested in getting you to sign on the line and collecting their 15% commission check. MoogMedia will identify your customers and then place you right in front of them so that your message comes through loud and clear.


Just because something is “free” doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

Such is the case with “Free Production”. Actually, that is part of what the 15% sales commission is for – only, the person who produces your commercial never sees a red cent of it. So, the only thing free about it is that someone at the station who is in a hurry to go home is going to be producing it for free. I’m sure you can imagine the care and attention to detail that person will put in.

Truthfully, he will probably be at the end of his day and be able to leave as soon as he produces your “free” commercial. This is the guy from above who knows NOTHING about you or your business. All he knows is that he wants to go home and your commercial is all that is standing between him and a “Cold One”. Your sales rep hands him a scrap paper with about 3 things jotted down on it that need to be included in the commercial. He spends the next 10 minutes begrudgingly producing your commercial and then it’s “Beer-Thirty”.

MoogMedia can write a solid, creative advertising campaign, produce your ads and help you get the most from your advertising dollar for less than you think. MoogMedia can help you achieve effective advertising strategies that will end up generating more revenue than you expected. If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.